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 How do you do Thanksgiving?

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Sheri Twing
Creative Designer

Posts : 2008
Join date : 2010-07-31
Location : Nashville TN

PostSubject: How do you do Thanksgiving?   November 11th 2011, 17:30

Just curious how everyone here does Thanksgiving dinner. Do you do the whole traditional thing with turkey, stuffing and all or something totally different? Or do you go out?

We are a traditional Thanksgiving family. We tried going out one year several years ago and it was horrible! The food was less than desirable, the time around the table was totally different than at home and it just didn't feel like Thanksgiving. We vowed never again and we have stuck to it. We didn't even have leftovers that night!

Looking forward to this year......
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View user profile http://www.auntierere.blogspot.com/
Art Luver

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Age : 41
Location : Colorado

PostSubject: Re: How do you do Thanksgiving?   November 15th 2011, 10:17

We do the full Thanksgiving dinner-turkey, sides, the whole nine yards. I host every year (I am the only one with kids), and my side of the family (parents, brother and SIL) come to stay at my house. All I have to do is buy all the food, clean the house, and give people a place to stay. My brother is an unbelievable chef, and he and my mom do most of the cooking-I just help with the little stuff.

The day after Thanksgiving, we watch the NE Huskers play, and we do Christmas. It's wonderful because that way we get to do Christmas together, but still get to do our own things for Christmas later. Totally the best way to do it.

My brother and SIL usually stay a couple of days, and my parents stay about a week. Can't wait!!!
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View user profile http://www.creativekokes.wordpress.com
Digital Designer

Posts : 493
Join date : 2010-05-24
Age : 50

PostSubject: Re: How do you do Thanksgiving?   November 15th 2011, 12:12

We have the full dinner. We have turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, salad, veggie dish, rolls, and desserts. With sparkling apple cider and coffee or pops.

The family is alot smaller, but we still enjoy our few hours together
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View user profile http://www.glittershineandbling.blogspot.com
Brenda B
Sketch Book

Posts : 160
Join date : 2011-08-01
Age : 61
Location : SW Ohio

PostSubject: Re: How do you do Thanksgiving?   November 15th 2011, 18:21

We do the whole traditional turkey dinner. Whoever is hosting the dinner (my mom this year) makes the turkey and the rest of us bring side dishes and desserts.
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ellen s
Creative Designer

Posts : 3577
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Age : 42
Location : pa

PostSubject: Re: How do you do Thanksgiving?   November 15th 2011, 19:10

we go to brian's parents. my parents to down to VA to see my sister. we just don't have the time and brian can't get off work right now.

owen is going down with them so it will be weird not having him here but i am glad he is going. my sister is SO excited. it will be good for him b/c as he gets older, he can stay down there for summers and work.

other than that...it's turkey and stuffing. Brian's mom doesn't get fancy, LOL. So I make apps for us. I made Brie loaf last year and I need another idea.

I think I might roast some broccoli and cauliflower so we have something health. his mom's idea of veggies is corn with half a stick of butter, LOL!
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View user profile http://closeyourears.blogspot.com
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PostSubject: Re: How do you do Thanksgiving?   

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How do you do Thanksgiving?
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