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 It's MONDAY......

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Elisha Pharr
Creative Mess

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Join date : 2012-03-01
Age : 40
Location : Hamilton, Alabama

PostSubject: It's MONDAY......   April 9th 2012, 12:07

and boy does it feel like a Monday around here!! I could've stayed in bed a little longer this morning! Did you all have a good weekend?? What do you have planned for today?

My weekend was wonderful! I spent most of Saturday working in the yard. Then, Saturday night, we had friends over for dinner and a movie.
Sunday, we had a very moving Easter Service. We go to church in Hackleburg, Al. which was pretty much blown off the map April 27th by an F5 tornado. Our last service in the sanctuary was Easter Sunday last year. Our church was destroyed. Yesterday, we got to have our first service back in the sanctuary for Easter. We all all so excited!!! We had an egg hunt after, then we had dinner at my house with my family and Jason's.
Today, it's back to work. I think all our babies are tired, too, cause everyone is grumpy!! Sad I'm working on a few scrappy projects today. Tonight, I'll be shuttling GMan to Karate and Carley to dance. That's pretty much it for me today!
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View user profile http://www.260loverslane.blogspot.com

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Age : 43
Location : Ohio

PostSubject: Re: It's MONDAY......   April 9th 2012, 14:13

It was back to work for me today!! Could have used a few more days off for sure.
Husband and I were very productive this weekend. Got a ton of work done around the yard, got the pool hooked up and started getting it ready to use, started a pile for a garage/yard sale and got caught up on some scrappy projects. We did a big family Easter at Brian's parents house last weekend so that way our kids could be there with us and not have to rush off to their mom's. Kind of different not actually having it on Easter, but it worked out good cause usually everyone is rushing from house to house. It was nice not having to worry about time for a change.

~*~ Sherrie ~*~
Any day that I get to do some crafting is a GREAT day

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View user profile http://eachdaysmemories.blogspot.com/
Art Luver

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Age : 41
Location : Colorado

PostSubject: Re: It's MONDAY......   April 9th 2012, 14:44

hubby came home Friday evening, Saturday we took the kids to the Easter event on base, Sunday we went to church, and had an Easter Egg Hunt in the backyard, along with a few presents for the kids to open-fun weekend!

today I am working on getting the house back in order, have some reading to catch up on for a book group I am in that is meeting tonight, and am trying to get the explosion of papers around here under control!

am also going to visit a friend in the hospital tonight.
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View user profile http://www.creativekokes.wordpress.com
Creative Mess

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Join date : 2010-12-22
Location : Findlay. ohio

PostSubject: Re: It's MONDAY......   April 9th 2012, 19:11

We had today off from school- last day of spring break.
Tomorrow we are back to regularly scheduled programing.
I got some dt work done today. I have a bunch of photo editing to do.
and tomorrow I need to clean the house with everyone gone!
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View user profile http://photofinnatic.blogspot.com

Posts : 204
Join date : 2011-04-04
Location : Eastern ON

PostSubject: Re: It's MONDAY......   April 9th 2012, 20:59

We had an amazing weekend. A beautiful Easter celebration with family on Sunday, and a bit of shopping today with my mom and the kids. I have to admit though, I am exhausted!!

Glad to hear you all had a great weekend too!
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View user profile http://sprinklingartfreckles.blogspot.ca/
Blank Canvas

Posts : 62
Join date : 2011-01-21

PostSubject: Re: It's MONDAY......   April 9th 2012, 22:52

We had some fun Easter activities all weekend and church and dinner at my parents house last night. Today is back to regularly scheduled programming with soccer and piano tonight.
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PostSubject: Re: It's MONDAY......   

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It's MONDAY......
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