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 Facebook (re) connections?

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Creative Mess

Posts : 450
Join date : 2010-12-22
Location : Findlay. ohio

PostSubject: Facebook (re) connections?   May 23rd 2012, 07:42

We jokingly call Facebook--"The Devil" at our house.
It earned that title because my dd found out that was ow certain guys were "keeping track" of her-- creeping on her
through comments she made on mutual friend's walls. (now she has her comments blocked unless you are HER friend)

BUT here is a cute thing... she commented on a grade school friends wall (one from pre school-4th grade when we moved to NY)
then right away another "old" friend she had lost touch with commented--she sent him a friend request... he accepted.. they started talking..
He was unhappy with the university he had chosen in NY..she told him about her university..he came here (spent a few days with us)
to check it out-loved it-- was accepted-- we spent last weekend in NY-- they had a blast.. SO facebook can be good--
Funny thing about their "reconnection" they were like "frick and frack" pre-k--through 4th grade... always together..

Any fun re-connections for you through facebook?

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Sketch Book

Posts : 150
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Age : 44
Location : Buffalo

PostSubject: Re: Facebook (re) connections?   May 23rd 2012, 09:18

Haaaa I love FB. I did catch up with some old HS friends! ..Smile
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ellen s
Creative Designer
ellen s

Posts : 3577
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Age : 42
Location : pa

PostSubject: Re: Facebook (re) connections?   May 23rd 2012, 21:06

I did, too. It's great. Nothing like that but enough that at holidays if I go home to where I grew up and so do they..we get together. I did find someone and we were good friends in junior high but lost touch in h.s. Turns out we both hated it so much...we should have reconnected so that makes me sad. I burned a hole in her new car with a cigarette and I thought she hated me, LOL!

I feel a bit triumphed that this one girl who was mean to me in h.s. so bad I can't get into it but I think bully would be the term today...friended me..and I was like...nope!

I agree there is bad..you gotta have your settings set the correct way and don't put your life out there for goodness sake! And I can't stand the passive aggressive b.s. I see but it's all about what you make with it.

I like being able to post pics of the kids for my family and vice versa.
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Blank Canvas

Posts : 62
Join date : 2011-01-21

PostSubject: Re: Facebook (re) connections?   May 24th 2012, 01:22

Today I am hating facebook! My grandma passed away last weekend and all my cousins are posting pics of my grandma on her deathbed on their walls. Geez-it's just not appropriate to me.
I've reconnected with a few HS friends that I lost contact with. I think it keeps you connected to people you see often too, not just old lost friends. Love facebook normally-but some people are just overposters:)
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Elisha Pharr
Creative Mess
Elisha Pharr

Posts : 393
Join date : 2012-03-01
Age : 41
Location : Hamilton, Alabama

PostSubject: Re: Facebook (re) connections?   May 24th 2012, 09:44

Yeah, there is definitely good and bad when it comes to Facebook. I have reconnected with a lot of friends that I went to school with. They are in Kentucky and I am in Alabama so FB makes it easy to stay in touch.
That's a cute story, Dria! I'm glad they were able to reconnect!!
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Art Luver

Posts : 627
Join date : 2011-04-19
Age : 42
Location : Colorado

PostSubject: Re: Facebook (re) connections?   May 29th 2012, 16:16

I am pretty particular when it comes to FB-I have very few friends on purpose because I just don't need the drama! Smile

I will say though, it is a great way to keep track of my military friends-which is really the main reason I opened an acct. in the first place.
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Posts : 286
Join date : 2012-01-22
Age : 44
Location : Ohio

PostSubject: Re: Facebook (re) connections?   May 30th 2012, 10:26

Orginally I just got on FB to kind of monitor what the kids were doing and I told them that. But eventually they got older and I kind of stopped watching. I am glad I did join though because I have reconnected with many people from my past and I have family that live in different states.

I try to be careful on who I friend and I have actually unfriended people over the years because I got tired of the crude stuff they post. Just because we were friends in high school doesn't mean we have to be facebook friends now!! Or that we work together or that our kids go to school together. My DH refuses to have his own account and so gets on mine from time to time so I have a few of his friends on mine, but I don't mind. The over-sharing though is what drives me crazy.

~*~ Sherrie ~*~
Any day that I get to do some crafting is a GREAT day

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PostSubject: Re: Facebook (re) connections?   

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Facebook (re) connections?
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